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Sunday, May 3, 2009

short story (TRUE LOVE)....^_^

My name is Hanna Sofea. I was married to a guy that I think every woman in this world wish for, Adam Haikal. However , my marriage was not because of love but it only because of a bussiness work between our parents. Everything went so fast. Our parents have left us forever and now I am totally happy with my beloved hubby and my kids, Farisha and Akhyat. To flash back about my past time, quite hurt for me. Honestly, there were a lot of problems happened before we could reach our happiness like now.

26 December 2006, Adam allowed me to go on with my carrier as we did not have any responsibility yet. So, I worked as a secretary in Amirza Corporation. Everyday, he sends and fetches me. One day which everything start to change, my boss had to transfer and a new boss will come to take over his place. The next morning ,
"Good morning everyone." an unknown voice greeting us.
As he wanted to move a step to my boss office, I quickly stopped him
"Sorry Sir, may I know who are you? I can not allow you to enter this room at this moment. My boss was not around." I said politely.
"Good." he paused and then he continued "How your boss wanna be around if you are not allowing me to enter MY ROOM."
I was totally freezed with the statement. He is my new boss.
"I am sorry Sir. I did not know. Nobody told me about this."
Soon I finished my words. He entered the office and everyone started to work as usual. My routine also never change.

2 January 2007. Today, Adam need to go outstation for a week. So, I need to go work by myself. I did not have any problem for that as I could drive by my own. But this was my unlucky day , as my car broke down on my way to the office. I was so panic at that moment. Suddenly, a red BMW stopped exactly in front of me. Ouch.. Why must him? I wondered. As a gentleman, he, Mr.Shahrul offered me to go to the office by his car after the mechanic arrived. Start from that day, my relationship with my new boss became closed. He was a good and very kind boss. The way he talk and smile could flirt all the woman that knew him. Even I could fall in love with him. After a week , mean that I had to go to my office with my hubby. I will miss Shah.

9 January 2007. "Honey, you look so different. So charming. Is there any function at your place today?" Adam asked curiously. "No. I just want to change my physical appearance." I answered. So that I will look stunned beside Mr.Shah. I continued the answer in my heart. At that time, I was to happy. I realised Adam also felt weird. But he kept it silently. One night, I told him, "Biey, start from tomorrow you no need to send and fetch me as usual." "Why? You wanna go work by yourself?" he replied. "Yeah" I lied to him. Sorry Biey. Moon start to shining with the sun, almost every moment I spend with my boss than my husband.

13 January 2007. My boss asked me to accompany him to a place. He brought me to Hotel Vistana Melaka. There,he approached me to be his girlfriend. Spontaneously I said, "What? Are you out of your mind? I am married." The fact really wake me up. If I did not married yet I will accept you Shah. I confessed in my heart. However, he never give up. Everyday he tried to convince me. I was lost with his words. Then , informally I had be his gilrfriend. This was a secret between Shah and me. Since I have been her girlfriend, we kept dating together. I was lost with my fantasy world. I forgot everything whenever I was with Shah. Adam could feel something different about me. Each time he asked me, I will lie
to him. I felt so guilty.

14 February 2007. Adam asked me to be home early. But I forgot his reminder. When I stepped in the house on that night. The dinner room was so beautiful. There was a romance value. At the side of that room, my husband was sleeping. I could see the lonely face inside him. I tip toed to the dinner set because there was something really attracted my attention. A piece of card with a wrapped present .Any special today huh? I puzzled. I read the phrases on the card. It was my hubby handwriting which said

Happy Anniversary Dear..
My wife is nicer than anyone's wife
Anyone's wife anyone's wife
My wife is nicer than anyone's wife
Which nobody can deny

Even the days are brighter
With someone I love beside me
Even the nights are better
Since I have found you

Thank you for being my wife,Hanna. Always loving you.
Full of love,
Adam Haikal

I was touched. All this make me realised the sin that I have done. Sorry seems to be the hardest word Biey. But as I always thought, people cannot hold the promise that the have made. So was I.

23 February 2007. My "secret love" still went on. Beep..Beep..a sound from my handphone telling that someone had sent me a message. I was in the toilet. When I opened the door, I saw Adam was holding my phone. Who sent the message? Not Shah please. I shouted. Adam could detect my expression. He passed me the phone. The message was still unread. I felt relieved. After that night, Adam started to make a distance between us. His worst suspicions was confirmed, I was having an affair with my own boss. Thoughts and question raced in his mind as he saw Shah and I at Melaka Central enjoying our day. I realised his eyes focused excactly towards me. I bothered him and wishing to go away from that place as soon as possible. I felt so stressed after saw my hubby innocent face. I realised that Adam was disappointed with my action. When I was home, I saw a note on the television

I don't know what was my fault. Give me time to think. I will get you free if you wish for it. If you
still love me. Stop all this. I will be back to you.


I cried for my stupid mistake. Since he walked away from my life, I felt so lost. Then I realised who I really love most. It is my hubby, Adam. I decided to stop all the problems that ruining my marriage.
Shah seemed so frustrated but this was my final decision.

1 March 2007. I started to having a sickness that I did not know the reason. I thought this was only a normal sick. But it started to be more bad from day to day. I was suffering with my sins. Suddenly, I saw everything uncleared. I whispered "How I wish you were here Biey." Then I heard the door opened abruptly. Later I fell unconciously and did not realised what happen after that. The next morning, I saw a roll paper in my hand " it takes a second to know someone, a minute to like someone, an hour to love someone but it takes the rest of your life to forget your love ones." I cried. This message was true. Where is him?What happened to me last night? Who saved me? All questions rolling on my mind. The door opened and someone stepped in. "Adam." Only that went out from my mouth. Slowly, he walked towards me with a smiling face. I was so confused. "Please forgive me Biey. Sorry for being unfaithful and sorry for betraying our love." I said while crying like a baby who lost something special. His palm held on my face and his thumbs wiped my tears. Then he said "It's okay dear,let the past be the past. Together we build a new life with new person in our life." He almost jumped out of his skin when I screamed "Noooooooooooooo................."
He just smiled meaningfully. "We will be papa and mama to a baby dear. You are pregnant." I was just crying, not because I was sad but despite of it I was so happy. I hope my bad attitude will remained lost forever.

23 December 2007. I was totally change with the guidance of my husband. And our life now more cheerful with the coming of my babies. A twins that were named Farisha and Akhyat.

Dear Biey,
Thank you for giving me a chance. I will never disappointed you anymore. I will always hold yours above my thoughts of others. Appreciating everything you and will always be your wife. Life is like a flower, Love is it honey. Forever love you.
-Hanna Sofea-


rahmahmokhtaruddin said...
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rahmahmokhtaruddin said...

Good story. But you still need to polish on your languange. You may use microsoft word to correct your sentences and grammar. You’ll learn from it, like i always do. hehe..

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